HomeBrew Big D Overdrive/Distortion


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HomeBrew Big D Overdrive/Distortion

The HBE Big D is an extremely versatile overdrive/distortion capable of achieving many different sounds ranging from light bluesy overdrive to modified hi-gain tube amp distortion.

– Input-Instrument in. Unplug when not in use to conserve battery life.
– Out-Out to amp
– 9VDC jack-for use with -(Negative) center, 9VDC, filtered, and regulated power supply.
– Gain control-Varies the amount of overdrive.
– Level control-Varies the amount of output. Capable of driving an amp in to saturation. Sounds best when ran a little above unity. (Louder with the pedal on)
– Tone control-Works backwards from a traditional tone control. Increase the tone control for more bass response.
– Bigger-(footswitch) Switches in and out the “Bigger” control.
– Bigger-(control) Variable boost gain stage, switchable with “Bigger” footswitch.
– On/Off-True bypass of effect. (Note: a small pop may occur when effect is switched on/off. This is normal and is a trait associated with true bypass.)
– 5-Way Diode Select

– Clip: Changes the dynamic response of clipping section. Hard: Increased output, reduced clipping.
– Soft: Less output, more clipping. (Will not function on diode select positions four and five.)