Used 3 Monkeys Virgil Limited Edition

Product Description

Used 3 Monkeys Virgil Head Limited Edition

Serial Number: #16 of 25

Condition: Mint, shows little wear.  3 Monkeys footswitch included.

VIRGIL is a MASTER volume 30 watt amp based on the BW119 amp made for Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) in 2006.

Think of VIRGIL as a two-channel amp with a shared EQ section. The footswitchable variable BOOST knob, allows the player to go from fat cleans (BOOST off) to searing leads (BOOST on). The overall BOOST volume is governed via the BOOST LEVEL knob, allowing the two channel levels to be evened out before the MASTER volume. A UK / USA switch provides a shift in the EQ of the amp for either the scooped midrange of 60’s California or the more pronounced mid-range of British amps.

The first 25 Virgil models will be a numbered Limited Edition run with Black Plexi panels and logos.


-Four 6V6 Power Tubes for approx. 30-35W

-Three ECC83 Preamp Tubes

-Custom Transformers by 3 Monkeys

-Hand-wired Preamp / Poweramp / Sockets / Pots / Jacks

-BOOST LEVEL – Overall Volume of Boost

-MASTER – Overall Volume of Amp

-BASS – Low End Response

-MIDDLE – Mid Response

-TREBLE – High End Response

-BOOST – Gain of 2nd Channel

-VOLUME – Gain of 1st Channel

-UK / USA – Shifts EQ for British / Cali tones

-Made by Hand in Raleigh, NC USA

-Black Tolex Covering

Weight: Approx 39LBS

Head Box Dimensions: 21.75”x9”x8.25”