Used Clark Kanee Reverb Combo

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Product Description

Used Clark Kanee Reverb Combo

Condition: Near Mint, in great shape, sounds and works great.

Twelve watt, 1 x 10 combo, AA-1164 circuit. This is the all time “electric” era classic.
Front control panel, single channel with volume, bass, treble, reverb, speed and intensity controls.
custom wound voltage corrected power transformer. No harsh, tone robbing high voltages.
custom wound interleaved winding output transformer. Superb tone to give it that rich AA-1164 quality.
Equipped with a 12″ Weber Ferromax speaker.
All Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors.
Jupiter Red Astron tinfoil and mylar coupling capacitors. These are USA made and really get the sound and tone of the original Astrons.
Solid 22g cloth covered wire as per the original.
Superb wiring and layout with attention to detail.
The perfect size and power level for practice and recording.