Used Headstrong Prima 30


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Used Headstrong Prima 30

Condition: Mint

The Prima 30 amp is a 30-watt, all-tube, hand-wired head.

The Prima 30 features finger jointed solid pine cabs built by Headstrong in their Asheville, NC shop.

The Prima 30 control panel has 2-inputs, High and Low, single channel with volume, treble, bass, speed and intensity. Housed in an all aluminum chassis, the Prima 30 has a tube compliment consisting of 3-EH 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2-TAD 6L6WGC power tubes and a JJ 5AR4 rectifier tube. The Prima also has the ability to run EL34, KT66 and 6V6 (for half power). The Prima 30 also features a bias vary tremolo system for deep natural sounding tremolo.

Other features include, external bias test points, external bias adjustment pot, multiple impedence switch (2,4,8,16 ohm), multiple voltage selector (120/220-230/240-250), IEC power cord receptacle, footswitch jack and 2 speaker inputs.