Used L.R. Baggs Align Series Equalizer


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Used L.R. Baggs Align Series Equalizer
Condition: Very Good. Velcro on the back plate light signs of use.

From L.R. Baggs:
Based on the circuit of the esteemed Para Acoustic DI, the Align Equalizer combines our signature, high-graded FET gain stage with powerful tone-shaping EQ that injects richness and balance to any acoustic pickup signal. A 6-band EQ shapes the frequencies we found most useful for improving acoustic guitar pickups with the flexibility needed to cover other acoustic instruments effectively. Multi-instrumentalists can incorporate dedicated EQ pedals for level matching a variety of instruments and tailoring a specific EQ for each one.

Input: 1/4”
Input Impedance: 5.1 Megohms
Preamp Gain: -6dB,0dB, +6dB
Input Level: -25dBv to +3dBv (0.056Vrms to 1.414Vrms)
High Pass Filter: 40Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz
Notch: -20dB, sweepable from 40Hz to 300Hz 1/8 octave 85Hz: +/-9dB
350Hz: +/-9dB
700Hz: +/-9dB
1.6kHz: +/-9dB
4.8kHz: +/-9dB
10kHz: +/-9dB
Line Out Output Level: -1.4dBv (0.848Vrms) Unbalanced Output Impedance: 470 Ohms
DC Power Consumption: 43mW Max at 9V
DC Current Draw: 4.5mA
Voltage Range: 7.5VDC – 12VDC
Power Supply: 9VDC with 100mA minimum *IMPORTANT: polarity Pos (+) on outside, Gnd (-) on center 9V Battery Life: 110 hours
Signal to Noise: 90dB, Unweighted
Measurements: 0.85 Lbs, 5” Length x 3.25” Width x 2” Depth