Used Louis Electric Columbia Reverb Amp

Product Description

Used Louis Electric Columbia Reverb Amp

Condition: Excellent

The Columbia is a 6V6/6L6-based, 18/28 Watt, single 12″ combo amplifier. It is the result of requests from longstanding customers to build a black line series to emulate the beautiful sounds of the pre-CBS black amplifiers.  The Columbia is a single-channel amp with two inputs.

The Tremolo circuit was slightly modified for a deeper and richer tremolo sound  The Reverb circuit has also been modified to deliver a smoother, less intense reverb sound.

The Columbia comes standard with a 6V6 tube configuration.  The amp can accommodate a 6L6 configuration for 28 Watts of output power.  An additional feature with the 6L6 configuration is a 4k/8k option. This allows the player to simply switch the load to provide a cleaner or more distorted sound. The 4k option provides cleaner tones, while the 8k will lower the wattage and provide quicker mid-range break up.

The original Pinceton Reverb had volume, treble and bass controls. The Louis Electric Columbia Reverb has added a middle control knob for additional tone shaping.

Classification: AB1, fixed bias
Power output: 18 watts with 6V6, 28 watts with 6L6
Speaker: Jupiter 12LC
Speaker load: 8 ohms, Single Channel, 2 input
Controls: volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, speed, intensity
Pre Amp Tubes: 3-12AX7, 1-12AT7
Output Tubes: 2-6V6 for 18W or 2-6L6 for 28W
Rectifier: 5AR4
Height:18.5″, Width: 20″, Depth: 10″
Weight: 30lbs.
Eyelet Terminal board construction
Hand Selected caps and resistors