Gravity Picks Classic Standard 2 w/Elipse-hole Grip

An Affordable Handmade Pick for Demanding Players
Guitar and bass players who want the classic teardrop pick shape with longer life, faster performance, and improved clarity over nylon should check out the Gravity Guitar Picks Classic. This handcrafted pick has a familiar shape and a strong grip thanks to the hand-polished cast acrylic construction. The thick acrylic is coupled with an 80-degree bevel to add fullness to your strums and tighten up your leads. Gravity Classic picks are 100% made in America by a small team of builders for quality and pick life you can trust.

Gravity Guitar Picks: handcrafted for better performance
Chris Fahey and the Gravity Guitar Picks team are out to craft a better tone for demanding guitar and bass players everywhere by offering unique, handcrafted picks at an affordable price. A guitarist since age 12, Chris has spent his life chasing picks with better performance, life, volume, and tone, and in 2011, he invested his life's savings into making that dream a reality. Every Gravity pick is hand-shaped and buffed in the company's California facility. From its Classic cast acrylic picks to its Gold Series thermoplastic and signature models, Gravity makes a picking solution for every player at just about every price point.

Gravity Classic Guitar Pick Features:
An affordable, handcrafted pick for demanding guitarists and bassists
Classic teardrop shape
Single elliptical hole improves grip
Made from thick cast acrylic for a clear tone
Louder and brighter than nylon picks
Long-lasting pick life
Grips fingers and glides across strings
80-degree beveled edge provides a good balance between speed and sound quality
Hand-shaped and buffed with care by a small team of designers
Made in the USA
Sold individually
Quality tone and performance you can trust: Gravity Guitar Picks!
Tech SpecsShape Classic Standard with Elipse-hole Grip
Gauge 2mm
Material Acrylic
Color Blue
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