Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars are a staple here at Brian’s Guitars. I’ve been a lifelong fan of the guitars that Bob Taylor and the family at Taylor Guitars has been making. The natural tone from the carefully selected woods is only complimented by the patented expression system pickups. Even better, the customer service from Taylor and their diehard work ethic to support myself and all of my customers has kept us happy for years!

As an avid acoustic player myself I’ve come to realize that few acoustics match up to the quality and craftsmanship of Taylor Acoustics. Since becoming an authorized dealer in 2012, we’ve never looked back. Whether you’re looking for a price point model in the 214 or 314, the mid-level series in the 514, 614, or 714, or the high-end 814 and 914 models the quality you’ll receive is nearly unmatched and Brian’s Guitars has got you covered with a regularly stocked inventory.