Used Pigtronix Philosopher King Compressor/Distortion


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Used Pigtronix Philosopher King Compressor/Distortion

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Thank you for entering the realm of Pigtronix. Your Philosopher King pedal is a compressor, distortion and envelope generator. Big brother to the Philosopher’s Tone and descendant of our Attack Sustain pedal, the Philosopher King was designed to give your guitar a HUGE sound and then
change the shape of that sound’s amplitude over time. In other words, this is an ADSR for guitar coupled to an incredible sustainer. The
compression section of the Philosopher King can be set for transparent, ultra-clean optical limiting or it can unleash relentless sustain and howling
distortion as you turn the knobs clockwise. The compressor output is then fed into an amplitude modulation section that can morph a standard
plucked note into a volume swell, stuttering tremolo or even a psychedelic backwards tape emulation.
With the SWELL and FADE footswitches turned off, the Philosopher King operates as a Compressor / Sustainer / Distortion only. The amplitude
modulation is introduced by turning on the SWELL and FADE footswitches and can be manipulated by external expression pedals or CV input.
The Philosopher King will accept instrument or line level signals, making it a suitable effect for any electronic source.
In keeping with Pigtronix tradition, the controls on the Philosopher King have been tuned to provide the fattest possible tone and the widest
range of musical possibilities. The Philosopher King was born out of a passion for versatile, expressive musical effects; it is built to last and
designed to inspire.
We hope that the Philosopher King will provide you with years of creative