Gravity Picks Tripp Standard 2.0


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A Handmade Pick with an Asymmetric Design
The Gravity Tripp blends the rounded edges of the Axis with the sharp corners of the Stealth for a multifaceted picking solution. Try the rounded edge’s softer attack for delicate chording and the sharp edges’ defined attack to bring your leads and single-note lines to life. The Tripp’s thick, hand-polished cast acrylic gives you improved clarity over standard nylon picks, grips fingers under stress, and glides easily across strings; its 80-degree beveled edge lends fullness to chord strums and adds speed to lead playing. Gravity Tripp picks are 100% made in America by a

Gravity Tripp Acrylic Guitar Pick Features:
An affordable handcrafted guitar pick
Blends the round and sharp corners of the Gravity Axis and Stealth
Multifaceted design – great for soft strumming and well-defined leads
Excellent attack and picking definition
Made from thick cast acrylic for a clear tone
Louder and brighter than nylon picks
Long-lasting pick life
Grips fingers and glides across strings
80-degree beveled edge provides a good balance between speed and sound quality
Hand-shaped and buffed with care by a small team of designers
Made in the USA
Quality tone and performance you can trust: Gravity Guitar Picks!
Tech Specs
Shape Tripp Standard
Gauge 2.0mm
Material Acrylic
Color Blue