Souldier Saddle Strap Serape Navy SSA1209NV02NV


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Souldier Saddle Strap Serape Navy SSA1209NV02NV

Souldier guitar straps are handmade using original fabric from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s coupled with recycled seatbelt. We have the fabric Hendrix had on his guitar at Woodstock, and patterns used by everyone from Allman, Page, Young, and Presley. We spent years buying out warehouses of vintage fabric and now hold one of the largest archives of deadstock vintage fabric. Our seatbelt comes from planes, automobiles, buses and everywhere in between. Our catalog features silver and brass, welded hardware and a host of leather hues to match the strap. Straps are fully extendable to 63” and offer a lifetime warranty. Our online catalog has roughly 1,100 fabrics old and new, but we pulled out the best sellers to simplify ordering and help guide our retailers.