Used Cornerstone Gladio SC Preamp


Used Cornerstone Gladio SC Preamp
Condition: Excellent. Comes with box.

The Cornerstone Gladio SC Preamp is a versatile overdrive that works to deliver realistic tube-compression tones reminiscent of the famed Dumble preamp section. The Gladio SC sports a round, articulate tone with a touch-sensitive responsiveness that delivers the vibe of a larger saturated amp. Two levels of compression are available to via a toggle switch to further refine your tone. This smaller, SC version, also includes a CLEAN knob to mix the clean signal back in with the overdrive signal which results in a texas-blues, SRV-inspired sound.

The SC's clean knob affects 3 parameters all at once:
- Bottom End: The sound becomes fatter
- Compression: The non-compressed clean sound comes into the mix, and the change in compression is particularly accentuated on the attack.
- Saturation: When the clean sound comes into the mix the final output sound becomes hotter, and it’s able to better push the front end of the amp.

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