Dr. Z Amplification Z-Wreck Junior


Dr. Z Amplification Z-Wreck Junior

As a half-powered sibling of the original Z Wreck, the Z Wreck Jr. introduces a post-phase inverter master volume circuit into the design ideal for studios, small clubs, and worship venues. Now the magical place between chiming clean and blooming overdrive the Z Wreck was lauded for is at the player’s fingertips at any volume level, be it full bore on stage or at home in the practice room. This master volume circuit shares a similar design to the master volume players have been raving about over the last few years that are found in our MK. II series of MAZ amps, the JETTA, and the NOVA.

Power Output: 15 Watts
Output Tubes: 
2 – 6n14n (EL84), Cathode Biased
Preamp Tubes: 
3 – 12AX7
1 – 5Y3
Speaker: Celestion G12 M Greenback
Volume, Master, Bass, Treble, Cut
22 1/2″W x 10 1/2″D x 20″H, 44 lbs.
4, 8, & 16 ohm outputs, NOS mil-spec power tubes
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