Nash NGDP Distortion Pedal

Nash Guitars NGDP Distortion Pedal

Seafoam Green, aged

Controls: Volume, Tone, Gain

The NGDP is based off the original Seamoon Fresh Fuzz, with modifications for increased versatility.
In the 70’s and 80’s, having worked in both music stores and recording studios, I had the opportunity to play, own, or borrow virtually every pedal of the era. The Seamoon Fresh Fuzz was among the best. At the time many of the amps we were using didn’t have master volume controls, and we were trying to find a way to get natural sounding overdrive from amplifiers with lots of volume but little break-up. That’s where the overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedal came in. The Fresh Fuzz was one of my personal favorites. I eventually lost track of mine, and tracking one down has proved costly and difficult since.
My son and business partner, Britton, and I had been discussing the production of a pedal for some time. 2014 proved to be the year that we finally got that ball rolling. A couple years prior we were able to pick up a very good clone of the original Fresh Fuzz. I found it to be just as good as I remembered, and was pleased to find that it performed well with the wide variety of amps that are available now. After extensive use we came to the conclusion that we both loved it.
...Other than the lack of a tone control.
I located the original Craig Anderton design and contacted local tech, player, and electronic genius David Broyles to come in as a consultant to re-engineer the pedal with an added tone control. Britton David and I went through nearly a year of R&D until we found the right design.
There are notable differences between the NGDP and many other pedals. The most significant being that rather than a clipping circuit, it operates on an op-amp, which we believe gives it a more natural and dynamic sound. The NGDP strives to allow your personal touch to shine through in any application rather than over compressing and homogenizing the sound
The NGDP, like our favorite amplifiers, is very sensitive to adjustment of the settings. Very slight changes will have a big impact. Play it with your amp clean, dirty, and in between. Spend some time making small adjustments and you will find many useable sounds that will compliment a wide variety of styles and preferences. That being said, the NGDP will also sound horrible on some settings. You have been forewarned.
Each pedal is hand wired in the United States of America, in our shop. There are no pre printed circuit boards. We are making batches of 25 units at a time and each batch will be a different color. Yes, they are aged.
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