Used 2010 Tone King Metropolitan

Used 2010 Tone King MetropolitanSerial Number: 800-61

Condition: MINT. Shows little to no wear. Original footswitch and paperwork included.

Front Controls: Volume, bright switch, Treble, Bass, Channel Switch, Volume, Tone, Mid-Bite, Reverb, Rhythm, Lead

Back Controls: Power switch, Standby switch, Footswitch input, speaker input, external speaker input, impedance switch

Wattage: 0.1 Watt - 40 Watt

Speaker: 1x12 Tone King Custom Designed

Power Tubes: 6V6GT x4, 5AR4

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7 x4, 12At7

Input Gain Switch: The input gain switch controls the gain of the 1st stage of both preamps. This switch helps to tailor the overall gain of the amp to match the gain of the amp to the output level of your guitar's pickups.

Rhythym Channel: The Rhythm channel includes a 2-position "bright" switch as well as Volume, Treble, and Bass controls.

Lead Channel: The Lead Channel includes Volume, Tone, and Mid-Bite controls.

Reverb: The Metropolitan's all new single-knob reverb circuit has been meticulously tuned to be the best sounding reverb circuit of all Tone King models. The reverb control on the front panel sets the reverb level for both preamp channels. In addition, the reverb may be turned on and off with the footswitch.

Output Power Controls: Two output power controls are included on the front panel - one for each preamp channel. They allow adjustment of the output power from 0.1W to 40W, continuously. Having separate power controls for each channel allows you to set the amp for a clean tone with lots of headroom on the Rhythm channel, and an overdriven tone on the Lead channel, while matching the volume level when you switch between channels.

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