Used 65 Amps Stone Pony Head

Used 65 Amps Stone Pony Amplifier Head Serial Number: 75H 810010Condition: MINT 2008 model, shows little to no wear. Footswitch included.

Specifications:Output: 25 Watts

Tubes: EF86 and 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 7591 power tubes,

Panel controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Booster, Bump™, Bump Tone™, Bump Level™, Master Voltage™

Extras: Passive effects loop, footswitch jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 8Ω & 16Ω impedance

Cabinet: Finger-jointed Baltic birch

Dimensions: 25" L x 9" D x 11" H / 26.4 lbs

Weight in box: 29 lbs

Accessories: Footswitch included

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