Used Chase Bliss Blooper

Used Chase Bliss Blooper
Condition: Very good. Strips of velcro on the bottom. Does not come with box.

The dream of blooper was to merge high-fidelity looping with creative manipulation, allowing you to steer recordings to new and extraordinary places. Sync, loop and layer, then edit your creation with two channels of immediate, hands-on modifiers. Save, come back later, and keep going. In Additive mode, any modifications you make to a loop are recorded into your overdubs, like live editing. This includes knob movements – if you hear it, so does blooper. Cook up radical breaks and transitions in real-time, or loops that continuously evolve. Use the Layers control at any time to jump back to where you began. Layers - The Layers control can be used to navigate your loop history, like jumping through time. 8 levels of undo / redo, mapped to a knob. Sampling - Play your recordings one-shot like a sample, or explore a fast, interactive alternate to standard looping. Stability - Move your loops into the physical world with Stability, gradually introducing a number of artifacts reminiscent of an old tape reel. blooper has two channels or modifiers that can be used simultaneously to contort and reimagine your loops.
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