Used Free The Tone String Slinger Overdrive

$205 $225
Used Free The Tone String Slinger Overdrive
Very Good. Some minor cosmetic wear but fully functional. Dual-lock strips on back.

The String Slinger has a LOT of headroom and volume available. With the drive at zero you can get a good cleanish boost, the pedals voicing tightening up the low end and bringing the mids forward. This works well to push the amp into overdrive. Backing down the level and then turning up the drive, there’s definitely plenty available but even with the drive at maximum there’s still good note definition when playing chords and/or rhythm stuff. Backing off the guitar volume, they both clean up really well which would be important for players who get most of the tonal variations by using the guitars volume control. Both pedals are really responsive to playing dynamics. Tonally the overdrive is kind of thick sounding. The pedal is very harmonic and touch sensitive.
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