Used Matthews Effects Architect V2 Foundational Overdrive

Used Matthews Effects Architect V2 Foundational Overdrive
Condition: Excellent. Comes with box.

The Architect Is a mythically inspired overdrive with improvements!

The gain structure has remained the same and acts as two separate knobs in one controlling the mix of a clean boost signal and a separate overdriven signal as well as turning up and down the gain of said overdriven signal.

The EQ section though now has a full 3 band baxandall tone stack that lets you cut or boost the Bass, Mid's and Treble giving you way more control over the tone and shape of your drive.
Its still running internally at 18v for the best possible head room and clarity and this coupled with the 3 different clipping options that give you 3 different flavors of gain make for a wide range of tones available to you.

Controls are:

Output: your overall volume
Bass: Cut or Boost the bass
Mid: Cut or Boost the mid's
Treble: Cut or Boost the treble
Gain: The amount of overdrive mixed in
Clipping: Choose between Germanium, Silicon and Diode Lift (no clipping)
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