Used Two-Rock Custom Reverb Signature Head

Used Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature HeadSerial Number: #95, hand-signed

Condition: Mint, shows little to no wear. The handle has some light fraying. Footswitch included.

The Custom Reverb Signature is the culmination of everything Bill & Joe have learned since day one. It has a lot of the same features from their early days building amplifiers. The CR Sig has a very refined lead channel that has been tweaked to perfection. Originating in the K&M Custom, this circuit is the most open, least compressed and most articulate and revealing. The Signature also features a dual mode power supply which allows for either 35 watt or 50 watt operation. It has a separate isolated power supply for the reverb, which enhances the reverb effect and prevents loading of the dry signal. In conjunction with our other reverb innovations, you'll immediately notice a rounder, warmer, less restrictive feel.

2 Contours - Lead/Clean

Passive Loop


50 Watts

Built for 6L6

Controls: Treble, Middle, Bass, Gain, Master, Lead Gain, Lead Master, Reverb, Presence.

Switches: Bright, Mid, Deep, EQ1/EQ2, Bypass, Lead


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