Used Vick Audio V-2 Overdrive Distortion

Used Vick Audio V-2 Overdrive Distortion
Condition: Excellent. Comes with box.


Based on the famous G-2 distortion unit from Pete Cornish, the V-2 features a simple Volume, Tone and Sustain control panel. These three do precisely what you’d expect, and each one does its job really, really well. The interior of the V-2 is where the changes come in: first, it’s True Bypass, not buffered like the G-2. Second, it uses Bat41 silicon clipping diodes instead of germanium, which are known to behave differently in multiple climates. The silicon diodes ensure your sound remains the same no matter what type of atmosphere your gig happens to be in.

Sustain down = harmonic overdrive. Sustain up = British Invasion-era cranked Marshall.

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