Used Mayones Patriot 4 Custom Natural Fade Purple Burst

Mayones Patriot 4 Custom Natural Fade Purple Burst
Serial Number:
Radius: 20"
Neck: Wenge-Padouk / 5ply, Two Graphite rods
Fretboard: Maple
Frets: Ferd Wagner Nickel Silver / 2.74×1.20
Construction: Neck-Thru-Body
Scale: 34.25"
Top: Swamp Ash
Body: Swamp Ash
Electronics: Pickups PB-J, Rear cavities Battery compartment x2
Finish: Body (top) Trans Natural Fade Purple Burst Out Satine
Pickups: Aguilar P-Style 60s Era + J-Style Hum Cancelling
Preamp: Mayones / Musashi2 / Musashi2 Bass Preamp | 2-Band
Boost Preamp (1xV[PP], 1xBal, 1xTreBoost, 1xBassBoost, 1xPassiveTone, 1xSwitch Passive, Active/Passive Switch
Jack: Switchcraft 1/4 in. Jack
Bridge: Mayones Bigfoot Bass Bridge 4-20 / CR
Tuners: Schaller M4 / 2+2
Nut: Ebony
Case: Mayones HISCOX Guitar Case
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