Few names in the world of electric guitar production loom as large as Leo Fender, the founder of the legendary guitar company that bears his name and a pioneering forefather of the electric guitar. He laid the foundation for Fender’s dedication to quality construction, hands-on craftsmanship, and thorough attention to detail. In its endless effort to deliver distinctive sounds and tones, Fender has created some of the most iconic electric guitar designs in history.

Iconic Fender Models

From blues, country, and rock to pop, soul, and funk, Fenders are the guitars of choice for musicians who play different many different genres of music. In fact, so many types of Fender instruments have been so highly sought after for so long that they have emerged as emblematic of the electric guitar itself. Here are just a few of the most enduring and iconic Fender guitar models:


This guitar’s sleek double-cutaway design and versatile pickup configuration have been attracting new players since 1954. Its distinctly clear, chime-like sound vacillates from sharp and bright to smooth and warm. The “twang” of the Stratocaster works as well in funk music as it does in country and western. And thanks to the wide variety of Stratocaster guitars on the market, you can easily find one to meet your skill level, playing preferences, and budgetary restrictions.


Taking the bright twang of the Stratocaster to new heights, the Telecasters quickly became the instrument of choice among country guitar players. However, its straightforward design, comfortable playability, and versatile three-way pickup selector make it appealing to musicians of all skill levels across musical genres that range from folk to punk.


Simplicity and versatility are also strong virtues of the Fender Jaguar. Distinguishing features of this guitar include its unique offset waist body design, which appeals to players in search of a comfortably balanced feel. Jaguar guitars also generally come standard with a built-in "floating tremolo" system that has a distinctively expressive and highly unique sonic quality.


Although it retains Fender’s matchless ability to produce the bright and cutting tones that made the company famous, the Jazzmaster has wider and flatter pickups that are also capable of emphasizing warmth and richness. A more sophisticated instrument than previous Fender models, it was originally marketed to jazz players. However, musicians in genres from surf rock to indie soon grew to appreciate the Jazzmaster’s charms.

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