About Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Explore the world of Paul Reed Smith electric guitars in our collection,, featuring a lineup renowned for its superior quality and sound. Delivering outstanding clarity and versatility, PRS guitars are ideal for a range of musical genres, which is why artists including John Mayer, Mark Tremonti, Myles Kennedy, and Zach Myers have made them their signature models. Among our premier offerings is the PRS John Mayer Signature Model Silver Sky Maple Venetian Blue, a standout choice celebrated for its exceptional tone and stunning aesthetics. Discover why PRS guitars are a top choice for both budding musicians and seasoned professionals, and find the perfect model to elevate your playing.

PRS S2 Models

Manufactured at Paul Reed Smith’s home factory in Stevensville, Maryland, PRS S2 models have solid mahogany bodies and come equipped with exceptional, American-made, PRS-designed pickups. These desirable features, along with various high-end design elements, make PRS S2 guitars much sought-after among dedicated novices and experienced players. Brian's Guitars carries a broad range of new and used PRS S2 guitars that sound as great as they look.

PRS SE Models

Short for “Standard Edition,” the Paul Reed Smith SE line is made overseas in countries that include South Korea and Indonesia. Like S2 guitars, SE guitars feature solid mahogany bodies, but their pickups, which are also manufactured abroad, are designed to deliver surprisingly solid performance at an extremely reasonable cost. In the words of Paul Reed Smith, SEs are made by PSR partner organizations to “play well beyond their price tag.” The collection of PRS SE guitars at Brian's Guitars has something to interest almost any player.

Private Stock Custom PRS Guitars

Brian's Guitars also specializes in brokering custom guitar spec builds. These unique bespoke guitar models are personally crafted and available through the Paul Reed Smith Private Stock program, which launched in 1996 to create specialized, one-of-a-kind instruments of exceptional quality that would be impossible to mass production within the standard factory setting.

Take a look at the PRS custom builds in progress at Brian's Guitars to gain a fuller understanding of Private Stock guitars and the manufacturing process that gives birth to them. Brian's Guitars’ PRS Private Stock Custom 24 Laguna Dragon's Breath, serves as a perfect example of the magic that these extraordinary guitars can hold. Beyond its striking Laguna Dragon's Breath stain and finish, this instrument features a figured mahogany neck with Mother of Pearl side dots and an African blackwood headstock with Mother of Pearl purfling. It also has a series of Graduated Laguna Dragon's Breath bird figures as fingerboard inlays.

Reach Out to Your Paul Reed Smith Experts at Brian's Guitars

The right Paul Reed Smith guitar for you will depend on your existing skill level, musical goals, and guitar-buying budget. You can play a variety of PRS guitars to experience their sound and feel for yourself at Brian’s Guitars brick-and-mortar store in Cheshire, Connecticut. You can also email us at info@briansguitars.com or call us at 1-877-726-0746. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about PRS guitars.

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