About Mayones Electric Guitars 

You may equate Mayones with guitar players who focus on heavy metal and progressive rock, but this versatile brand has instruments to meet the demands of musical genres that range from blues to jazz. Simply put, Mayones electric guitars are well-known for meeting the exceptional performance standards of extremely technical musicians. 

Mayones makes each of its guitars by hand to promote remarkably high levels of quality. Every Mayones guitar is made by skilled luthiers at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Gdansk, Poland. 

Aesthetically, these instruments have some striking body shape designs and beautiful artistic touches, such as intricate inlays and dazzling finishes. But most of the meticulous details of Mayones electric guitars contribute to their remarkable sound and playability. The most widely appreciated features of these guitars include their state-of-the-art hardware and electronics, as well as their distinctively comfortable neck profiles. Each Mayones guitar model features a unique combination of high-quality wood types that make substantial contributions to the tone it produces.

Over the years, a wide range of guitarists and bassists have endorsed Mayones instruments. Notable musicians who have used Mayones instruments include Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland, ARCHITECTS’ Adam Christianson, Polaris’ Rick Sschneider, and Fit For An Autopsy’s Patrick Sheridan. 

Find the Mayones Guitar of Your Dreams at Brian's Guitars 

Brian's Guitars has a reputation for stocking a broad spectrum of incredible Mayones electric guitars, including the Mayones Regius Core with RSi Ryan Siew Inspiration Baritone. With a body of American Ash, tonally enhanced wood, and a top of 4A Quilted Maple, this guitar looks and sounds amazing. The Lava Burst Satin finish on this Regius Core lends an incredibly warm appearance, while the Bare Knuckle Nailbomb humbucker pickups on this beautiful 7-string instrument for an incredibly smooth sound.

The Mayones Patriot Custom Dirty Red Burst Satin serves as another outstanding example of a jewel that has passed through the Mayones Electric Guitar Collection at Brian's Guitars. In near-mint condition, this 2021 used 5-string bass has little wear and comes complete with its original hybrid gigbag. It has a body of Swap Ash, a top of Flame Maple, and a fretboard of Rosewood with Maple front and mother-of-pearl side markers. It has 70s-era style neck and bridge Aguilar pickups.

Take a close look at Brian's Guitars Mayones Electric Guitar Collection to see which exceptional new and used Mayones electric guitar models we have in stock today. Don’t see what you are looking for? Brian's Guitars also specializes in brokering custom guitar spec builds that can faithfully replicate the unique styles, sounds, and features of Mayones guitars.

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