Used Category 5 Vera 1×12 Combo



Category 5 Vera 1×12 Combo

Condition: Excellent

The 35-watt Vera is a two-channel amp where Channel 1 offers higher gain sounds with robust sustain and a mid-boost option, while Channel 2 is a clean, open tone with a gain boost option.

Channel 1 offers up knob controls for Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, while Channel 2 boasts knobs for Volume, Treble and Bass. There are also global controls for Reverb and Voltage. On the back, you will find three toggle switches – Clean/Drive allows the user to switch between channels sans footswitch, Drive Mid Boost for Channel 1, and a Clean Mid Boost for Channel 2. There is also a separate 1/4-inch input allowing the user to operate the Clean Boost via a footswitch.