Earthquaker Devices The Warden V2 Optical Compressor

Earthquaker Devices The Warden V2 Optical Compressor

-Optical compressor
-Enhanced feature set enabling control over parameters typically reserved for studio grade units
-Tone - treble cut or boost. 11 o’clock is flat.
-Level - adjusts output level, interactive with Sustain and Ratio controls
-Sustain - adjusts compression amount and dynamics
-Ratio - continuously varies the rate from soft compression to hard limiting
-Attack - controls how quickly the Warden reacts
-Release - controls how long it takes the signal to return to its original uncompressed level
-True bypass
-Silent relay-based switching*
-All-analog signal path
-Lifetime guarantee

The Warden is made with sweet and loving care in Akron, Ohio, USA.
Our customers are now welcome to visit the Brian's Guitars showroom without an appointment! Thank you for all of the patience and understanding over the past year.
Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation!

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