Fender FSR Hot Rod Deluxe IV "Redback" LTD Combo

Fender FSR Hot Rod Deluxe IV Redback LTD Combo

An updated version of the legendary amplifier that’s been the heart of many guitarists’ rigs, this FSR Hot Rod Deluxe IV features an Celestion® Redback speaker, modified preamp circuitry, and smoother-sounding spring reverb. A supercharged amp decked out with player-requested features, this scorching 40-watt 1×12” combo is ideal for guitarists who need hot-rodded power with performance to spare.

Serial Number: B-901465
Wattage: 40 Watts
Controls: Presence, Reverb, Master Volume, Middle, Bass, Treble, Drive Select Switch, Drive Volume, Bright Switch
Channels: 3 selectable — Normal, Drive, and More Drive
Inputs: 1/4", Input 2 operates at -6dB
Speaker Jack: 2 1/4" Parallel (Internal and external)
Effects: Reverb
Cabinet Material: Lightweight Pine
Speaker: 1x12” Celestion® Redback
Preamp Tubes: 3x12AX7
Power Tubes: 2x6L6
Rectifier: Solid State
Height: 18.75" (47.6cm)
Depth: 10.5" (26.7cm)
Width: 23.5" (59.7cm)
Weight: 41 lbs.
Tolex: Black
Grille Cloth: Silver
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