Swart ST-Stereo Head and 2x12 Cabinet

Swart ST-Stereo Head and 2x12 Stereo CabinetTubes: 6V6 or 6L6

Cabinet: All new 2x12 Stereo cab, speakers set at 45 Degrees.

Speakers: Factory upgraded Celestion G12M Creambacks

Ohms: 4 or 8

Controls: Each amp has it's own volume and tone controls with 2 switch EQ. You can adjust the volume for each, changing the effect to hearts content. Really rewards creative thinking and experimentation. THE favorite option in the shop right now! Amps can be driven separately or together.

This is literally two separate 5w Class A Single Ended amplifiers in one chassis with the ability to drive two cabinets in stereo. Each has own volume and tone. The reverb and tremolo is divided between the two amps and the stereo effect is really amazing. You can power TWO separate cabinets with as much stereo separation as you desire or use our new stereo 2x12 cabinet with inputs to allow for one amp to drive each speaker. The speakers are directional at a near 45 degree angle OUT, further enhancing the effect.

A bit of tremolo bouncing around gives this beast an almost 3D quality and the resulting sound is HUGE, bordering on larger than life. It's very atmospheric and compelling and almost always draws comments from those in the room.
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