Used 3rd Power British Dream MKI Head

Used 3rd Power British Dream MKI HeadSerial Number: BD2070

Condition: Mint, shows little to no wear.

The 3rd Power British Dream is a EL-34 based amp that brings together many of the favorite tones found in your favorite UK born amps. Using channel one the amp delivers delivers that classic EF-86 British chime and growl of a classic '59 AC30. Channel two gives the player the dual 12AX7 precision and crunch of a '68 Plexi. New for 2013 is the Orange Glow Cascade Gain Mode which adds "more than some" growl to this well refined amp.
The 3rd Power British Dream features the proprietary technology of it's HybridMASTER that effectively gives the player single-knob control over the perceived volume of their performance without degradation in sound quality or feel. The Cascade Gain Boost feature is a push/pull on the volume knob on the Plexi Channel. With the new Cascade Gain Boost feature you now have the ability to harness a high-quality "punch and crunch" in one mode and with the pull of the volume knob, experience harmonically rich cascade tube saturation in the other mode.

Additional enhancements to the British Dream include an updated HybridMASTER volume management technology, and an even hotter, more chimey '59 AC channel. This latest version allows musicians to experience massive guitar tones that retain all of the edge, slice and vintage feel at far more manageable volume levels - even bedroom "practice" levels.

Output Power: Switchable between 38 and 18 watts
Tubes: 1 EF86 pentode preamp, 3 x 12AX7 preamp, 2 x EL34 poweramp
Front Panel Controls: 59 AC Channel: Volume, Brilliance Switch, High Cut. '68 Plexi Channel: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass. Global Presence
Rear Panel Controls: HybridMASTER™ volume management control
Additional Items: 1x 16 Ohm, 2x 8 Ohm, 1x 4 Ohm speaker outputs, Effects Send and Return jacks
Head Box: Baltic Birch
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