Used 3rd Power Dream 50 Plexi

Used 3rd Power Dream 50 Plexi

3rd Power’s DREAM 50 PLEXI amplifier takes the late ’68 super lead channel of our British Dream MKII and packs it all into a smart, streamlined package. You’ll be amazed by DREAM 50 PLEXI’s crisp performance with superior precision, consistency and beauty.

Condition: Excellent
Controls: Output Level Hybrid Master, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Stage/Studio (30% Output) switch, +Gain switch
Input: One 1/4"
Watts: Tube rectified ~40, Solid state rectified ~50
Rectifiers: Tube and Solid-State power supply rectification selectable via the Standby Switch
Tubes: Mullard Reissue 2 x EL34 power tubes
Outputs: 4, 8, and 16 Ohm outs
FX Loop: Tube Buffered, Pedal Optimized Series FX Loop
Construction: 5/8" Birch
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