Used BC Audio Amplifier No. 8 Ammo Box Head

Used BC Audio Amplifier No. 8 Ammo Box HeadCondition: Mint, shows little to no non-original wear.
Picking up where No. 7 leaves off, Amplifier No. 8 ratchets up the gain and gives you the power to control it. Amplifier No. 8 offers massive overdrive while retaining clarity, dynamic responsiveness to your touch and solid clean and semi-clean tones with punch.

A unique Drive circuit - developed by BC Audio and not found in any other amp - allows for colossal sustain and thick, rich cleans without channel switching. A common problem with many high-gain amps is that they don't have good clean and semi-dirty sounds. The Drive circuit of Amplifier No. 8 solves this problem in a simple and effective way. The transition from clean to crunch to singing is so smooth, you end up with vast territory to explore between chimey clean and liquid singing sustain.

25 watts of tube-rectified Class A power, octal preamp and a vastly wide range of clean and overdrive tones at any volume make Amplifier No. 8 the most versatile 3-knob amp you’ve ever played.

Built by Bruce Clement in the USA
-100% All-Tube Signal Path
-True Point-to-Point Wiring
-Custom Heavy 16ga Powder Coated Steel Chassis
-American-made Paper Bobbin/Paper Layer Wound Transformers
-Stainless Steel Hardware
-Tube Rectifier
-Class A Cathode Biased Output Section
-Octal Preamp
-Combination Power/Standby Switch
-Unique Drive Control
-Master Volume Control
-Presence Control
-Will Drive Any 8- or 16-Ohm Guitar Speaker Cabinet
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