Used Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet Head

Used Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet HeadSerial Number: 050761

Condition: Grat shape, shows little wear. A few light scuffs on the tolex and a couple areas of light discoloration. Original footswitch included. The TWIN JET’s new clean channel features the same controls as the standard Uberschall but with an entirely new circuit. You can still dial in clean sounds with single-coil guitars but pure, super clean tones are diminished if using humbucker equipped guitars. This new gain structure now offers you a clean channel that can be dialed in as a second gain channel. While the clean channel’s gain does not match the super high gain of the second channel, it will give you the ability to have semi-clean, Plexi, JCM or hot rodded tones. (Note – in November 2009 a revision to the gain control was made to offer a better clean sound.)
The super high gain channel is identical to the standard Uberschall with the exception that the presence control is now in the channel circuit itself, rather than the power amp. The Uberscall’s power amp presence control is the same as the Twin Jet’s master presence control which affects both channels on the Twin Jet. With these changes the Twin Jet’s super high gain channel’s presence control becomes an additional tone and feel shaping control.
The power amp section of the TWIN JET features a quartet of KT88’s which run on higher plate voltage then the standard Uberschall giving you a raging 150+ watts with more articulation and quick response. Control over the power amp has been expanded via a depth and presence control in addition to the master volume control already found on the standard Uberschall. These controls affect both channels and let you dial in overall low end response and presence.
-KT-88 power tubes
-12AX7 preamps tubes
-2 Channels
-Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence and Master controls on each channel
-Global Presence, Depth and Master controls for more sonic control
-Effects Loop with Send and Level controls
-2-button Foot Switch (Channel / Loop)
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