Used Boss SD-1 Overdrive Keeley 5 Star Mod

Used Boss SD-1 OverDrive Keeley 5 Star Mod
Condition: Excellent. Comes with original SD-1 box.

Without a doubt, the SD-1 had great tone coming from the Boss manufactures, but this pedal is now the culmination of many ideas and modifications aimed to please even the most demanding guitarist. Every component we add is of the highest audiophile quality: metal film capacitors are used in order to provide the smoothest mid- and high-frequency range while increasing the bass response in extremely musical ways. Metal film resistors are used for all of our changes to ensure each and every pedal ships with a consistent sound, extremely low-noise, and an amazing overdrive tone.

The SD-1 has been modified to have slight asymmetrical clipping and 2nd order harmonic distortion, which provides very rich tones. And at very high-saturation levels, it can achieve an octave-pedal effect. The diode switch, once an option, is now standard. In addition, you get the Burr Brown--higher frequency response--option. The TI chip is also sent and is conveniently located in the unit so it won’t get lost. Choosing which chip to use is a personal tonal preference and can be accomplished by swapping them with a pair needle-nosed pliers.

A Germanium transistor in the clipping section serves two purposes: (1) it gives the pedal more overdrive (aka “hair”) when dialed into the upper registers, and (2) it retains the asymmetrical clipping of the pedal, which is essential to the performance of the Keeley modded SD-1. This is what sets the SD-1 mod apart from other overdrives, such as our TS-9. With the innovative diode switch (which now comes standard) the SD-1 begins to resemble a TS-9, but much fatter and more defined. AND... all of the stock SD-1 characteristics are possible throughout the midrange of the tone control. Lastly, but not least important, the standard Boss bypass has been overhauled, so it now stops ALL bleed through, making this the closest you can get to true-bypass switching out of a Boss on/off switch.
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