Used Carol-Ann Texas 25 TX-25 Limited

Used Carol-Ann Texas 25 TX-25 Limited
Condition: Mint with footswitch

This Amplifier was a request from Oz at Austin Guitar House after the success of the TX-50 and JB100 red models. What he wanted was an amplifier that captured the tones of the TX50 and JB100, but set up for smaller club and home settings. So those tones can be enjoyed by a much wider number of players. The TX-25 has it's OD channel voiced for those same vocal mid range tones made famous with the JB-100 brought to Joe's recorded and live tones on the Ballad of John Henry CD. The clean channel has a gorgeous openness about it that would surprise many players from an EL34 amp. Kick in the md boost and that channel takes on a much more Plexi feel and tone.

Although various JB-100's have featured on several of Joe's CDs, his live rigs and on his DVD's, the Red JB100 was the only EL34 model and my personal fave.

The TX-25 is a 25W version of that amp, scaled down on volume for the rest of us and is a very very sweet amp for many styles.


25W EL34 Output, cathode biased
Bright Switch: Acts rather like a Fender Twin bright switch. Affects both channels.
Mid Boost: Adds a 6dB Boost at 850Hz.
Pre-Gain: This sets the overall input gain for the amp. This affects both channels.
Bass, Middle & Treble: CH A Tone Controls.
Filter Control: Adjust the OD Channel Tone Contour.
Gain: Overdrive channel gain control.
CH A Master: Master Volume for Clean Channel.
CH B Master: Master Volume for OD Channel.
Presence: Global Presence Control.
Footswitch Socket: Heavy duty 3 pin XLR connector for footswitch.
Footswitch: Channel Selector and Mid-Boost Switches, both with LED's
Efx Send and Return Jacks
8 and 16 ohm Speaker Outputs
Efx Send Level Control
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