Used Clark Kanee Reverb Custom

Used Clark Kanee Reverb CustomCondition: Great shape, shows little wear. Cover included.

* Twelve watt, 1 x 12 combo, AA-1164 circuit. This is the all time "electric" era classic.

* Front control panel, single channel with volume, bass, treble, middle, reverb and dwell controls.

* My custom wound voltage corrected power transformer. No harsh, tone robbing high voltages.

* My custom wound interleaved winding output transformer. Superb tone to give it that rich AA-1164 quality.

* Tube compliment is one current manufacture 5AR4, two 6V6GT, 12AX7 Mullard (RI) and 12AT7's.

* Features one Weber Ferromax speaker

* All Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors.

* Jupiter Red Astron tinfoil and mylar coupling capacitors. These are USA made and really get the sound and tone of the original Astrons.

* Solid 22g cloth covered wire as per the original.

* Superb wiring and layout with attention to detail.

* The perfect size and power level for practise and recording.
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