Used Clark Webster Combo Amplifier

Used Clark Webster Combo AmplifierCondition: Excellent

-One channel, two-input amplifier with volume and tone control.
- Voltage corrected power and custom wound output transformer. No harsh high voltages.
- My custom wound interleaved windings output transformer. Superb deep piano string bottom, with high end extension to give it that classic 5F10 acoustic quality.
- Tube compliment is one JJ 5Y3GT, two 6V6 JJ, two 12AX7 JJ.
- Features a Tone Tubby Red 10"
- All Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors.
- Jupiter vintage Astron replica capacitors, these caps really nail the tone of the original Astrons.
- Sprague electrolytics.
- Original solid 22g cloth covered wire.
- NOS tube sockets Mil Spec. subject to availability
- CTS potentiometers, Carling switches, Switchcraft jacks.
- Chrome chassis
- Lacquer coated to a perfect orange amber patina. No overspray or glue spray on the interior to rob tone.
- The perfect size and power level for practice, recording and small to mid sized performances
- Dimensions 16.5" x 18" x 8.75" Weight 24 pounds

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