Used Dr. Z Maz 18 MKII 18-watt Tube Head

Used Dr. Z Maz 18 MKII 18-watt Tube Head
Condition: Mint, shows little to no wear

Now in its second generation, and with updates based on player feedback, the Dr. Z MAZ 18 MKII tube amplifier combines classic American clean tones with the glistening chime of overdriven British amps. With a quartet of 12AX7 preamp tubes and a pair of 6N14N power tubes, you've got plenty of rock 'n' roll tone on tap. And its buffered effects loop is ready to seamlessly integrate your pedals. Complete with an EQ-bypass footswitch to push your tone over the top at any time, the Dr. Z MAZ 18 MKII is an outstanding amp for both stage and studio.

Tonal tenacity at any volume
The MAZ 18 has been Dr. Z's most popular amplifier model for two decades. One reason we love it here at Sweetwater is that it retains its sonic impact even at very low volume levels. Dr. Z explains that this is because the master volume has been expertly placed after the phase inverter stage, allowing you to dial in maximum tube drive before hitting the volume control.

Buffered effects loop for your pedalboard
While the MAZ 18 MKII sounds amazing with your guitar plugged straight in, its buffered effects loop makes the most of your pedalboard. Whether you're adding time-based effects, EQ pedals, boosts, or all of them at once, the MAZ 18 MKII is optimized for seamless pedalboard integration.

Tube rectifier for vintage feel and response
While an amplifier's rectifier stage isn't directly in your guitar's signal path, the manufacturer's choice of rectifier (tube or solid state) has a big impact on how the amp feels and responds to the nuances of your playing. The 5AR4 rectifier tube in the MAZ 18 MKII was found in some of the most-played American amps in the '60s and gives it a firm, robust voice you can really dig into. Crank up the amp and hit it hard, and get to know how it pushes back a bit in response to big chords and heavily-picked lead lines.

Dr. Z MAZ 18 MKII Tube Amplifier Head Features:
-18-watt tube amplifier head
-Master volume is placed post-phase inverter for maximum tube tone even at lower volumes
-Controls for Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Cut, and Master Volume
-Buffered effects loop allows your pedals to sound their best
-Outputs for 4-, 8-, and 16-ohm speaker cabinets
-EQ bypass footswitch included
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