Used Fargen Retro Classic 25W Head

Used Fargen Retro Classic 25W HeadCondition: Mint, shows little to no wear. 2013 model.

Designed without compromise, The Fargen Retro Classic is the result of complete creative and engineering freedom, Created with the desire to capture 3 different classic sounds in one single channel 25 watt amp….and that’s what it does in spades…This is all made possible with the Fargen “Decade” switch.

Fargen Retro Classic Amp Features

-’59 position = late 50′s tweed bassman: Plug in your tele and get some smokey greasy blues with that hint of “wood” tone we all love
-’65 position = Dead on JTM 45: Clapton Bluesbreaker tone’s….all day long
-’68 position = 12000 Series Superbass: You know it…you love it…you want it!

Fargen Retro Classic Amp Specifications

-25 watt 2 x KT66 power amp
-GZ34 rectifier tube
-Super transparent post phase master volume
-16g aluminum chassis
-Mercury custom vintage replica transformers
-Fargen Custom shop carbon comp resistors
-SoZo Vintage signal capacitors
-Vintage style head cab and aesthetics
-“Variac Sag” high/low voltage switch
-Tung Sol reissue 12AX7 and KT66 tubes
-Hand wired vintage layout and construction
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