Used Fender 57 Champ Custom 1x8" Combo

Used Fender 57 Champ Custom 5W 1x8" Tube ComboCondition: Mint, shows little to no wear. Original cover included.

-Leather strap handle
-Chrome control panel, Black vintage pointer knob, Toggle on/off switch, Red jeweled pilot light
-Finger-jointed solid-pine speaker cabinet
-Hand-wired 5F1 circuit
-Series: Custom Series
-Type: All Tube Amp
-Output: 5W into 4Ohms
-Ohms: 4Ohms
-Speaker: 1x8" Weber® Special Design 4Ohm, 10W, AlNiCo Magnet Speaker, P/N 0077212000
-Channels: Single Channel with Two Inputs:
-INPUT 1—Full Sensitivity Input for Most Guitars
-INPUT 2—Lower Sensitivity Input (-6dB) to Provide High Output Guitars with Cleaner Response
-Controls: Volume (Goes to 12)
-Covering: Lacquered Tweed with Oxblood Grille Cloth
-Weight: 16.5lb. (7.5kg)
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