Used Goodsell Super 17 Black Line

Used Goodsell Super Seventeen Black Line Condition: MINT, shows little to no wear.

The Super 17 Black is the latest evolution of the original Goodsell 17, which at the time was being made on leftover Hammond organ chassis and iron. It features a pair of EL84s, and returns to a GZ34 rectifier tube, now that JJ can furnish reliable new production. Then there are 3 very busy 12AX7s - one of which is the long-tail phase inverter while the other two take care of pre-amp, reverb send & return, and tremolo oscillator. Speaking of tremolo, all Goodsells so equipped use the same bias-vary design that garnered the Guitar One Award for Excellence & Design when it was introduced in the 33 Custom four years ago. The all have a speed and depth control and can be operated with the included foot switch. On the 17, the single gain stage (comprised only of 1/2 of a 12AX7) is controlled by the GAIN knob and the single TONE control, which together with a transparent post-phase inverter volume (we don't call it "master" here) offers a lot more flexibility that it would appear.

The tone ranges from a bright-ish, harmonically complex chime, to a soft, approachably polite overdrive. An extremely versatile amp that loves single coils, especially Telecasters.

The speaker is the new RG-65, a derivative of the WGS ET-65 tweaked to Goodsell specs.

With the exception of the missing tube rectifier and 5/17 switch, the Super 17 Black is identical to the MkIII, making it as close to the original 17 as any version before, only now it comes with at least $500 change in your pocket. All Black 17s are identically prepared with reverb and tremolo and supersedes all previous combo models, which will continue to be available only on a build-to-order basis.

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