Used Guytron GT100 F/V Amplifier Head

Used Guytron GT100 F/V Amplifier HeadCondition: Mint, shows little wear. Original footswitch included.

Guytron's flagship model is the GT100-FV and it has been shipping since 2003. But for those of you who may not this know already, it is actually a (multi-voiced) version of the original GT100 amp from 1995. There are some other refinements as well such as the stainless steel chassis, fully enclosed for low noise, etc.

-100 Watts, 2 Channels, EL34 and EL84 tubes

From Guytron:

The new GT100-FV contains all the sounds of the original GT100 design, but differs from the original model in this way. There are two 4 position rotary switches on the back of the amp. One called “FOCUS”, and the other is called “VOICING” offering a total of 16 different combinations of switch pre-sets.

They alter the character of the amp in order to expand the available pallet of amp tones. They do this by simultaneously controlling several areas of the circuit while at the same time keeping the operation of the amp and it’s various controls balanced and ergonomic.

The one called “FOCUS”, deals primarily with a combination of the attack envelope of the note, and the overall feel of the amp. It also has an effect on the frequency response and the smoothness of the tone.

While the one called “VOICING” deals with the frequency parameters of various parts of the circuit including the operation of the master tone controls. This also effects the overall smoothness of the amp in a different way from what the “FOCUS” control does.
** BOTH CONTROLS SET AT “12 O’CLOCK” POSITION ARE LIKE AN ORIGINAL GT100 AMPLIFIER. This would represent setting (1) on the switch. Turning the switch clockwise, switch setting (2) occurs at 1 o’clock, switch setting (3) occurs at 2 o’clock, and switch setting (4) will occur at the 3 o’clock position.

2) Almost Stock But Without As Much EL84 Fizz 3) Warm And Smooth With Reduced Compression 4) Clear and Clean With Lowest Compression Like A 6L6 Amp
2) More English Type Tones (upper mids and highs) 3) More American Tones (round highs and true mids) 4) More American Tones With Low Mid Boost
The overall effect of these switch combinations can range from drastic to subtle, yet distinct. However, at all times remain they musical and useful. Like our tone controls, they get the job done without calling attention to themselves. I hope you enjoy finding all the new sounds available with the GT100-FV amplifier as much as we do here at Guytron Amplification.
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