Used Klon Centaur Overdrive

Used Klon Centaur Overdrive
Condition: Nice shape. The outside shows scratches and tarnish. Works great, sounds amazing.

The Centaur was designed, over a period of four years, to be an overdrive that works

with your guitar and amp, and with the particular sound they create, rather than one that

imposes its own sound. It does a better job of retaining the original tonality and response

of your setup than anything else I'm aware of; in the words of Trainwreck's Ken Fischer,

a guy known to have pretty good ear, "The Centaur seems to become part of your amplifier's

tube circuits and doesn't feel or sound like you are using an outboard device." What you

end up with, when kicking the thing in, is simply a bigger, more focused rendition of

the sound your guitar and amp were giving you to start with.

The Centaur is also a good deal more versatile than other overdrives. Each of its

three controls - Gain, Treble, Output - has a very broad range, and this makes the unit

capable of providing a variety of overdriven sounds with almost any guitar and amp;

even the signal from very-low-output pickups, such as Gretsch Filtertrons or Danelectro

"lipstick" pickups, can be beefed up effectively. The Gain control, in a unique approach

to an age-old problem with overdrives and distortion pedals, is a dual-ganged pot -

two pots on one shaft. The first pot controls the amount of gain and distortion in the

main gain stage, just as in any overdrive; the second pot, however, controls an entirely

different part of the circuit, a part that optimizes the circuit's overall tonal response for

whatever the main gainstage is generating in the way of level and distortion. This means

that the Centaur, unlike other overdrives, doesn't limit you to a "sweet spot" distortion

setting, one setting or a narrow range of settings that sound good with a particular guitar

and amp. With the Centaur, the entire range of the control is usable, and your Strat,

for example, will always sound like your Strat, as opposed to another Strat or any Strat,

no matter how much or how little distortion you want from the unit.

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