Used Magnatone Varsity

Used Magnatone VarsityCondition: Near Mint.

As with all Magnatone amps, the Varsity is made with all American parts and true point-to-point wiring.
The Varsity is designed to deliver that classic, all-American tone in studio with rich harmonics, amazing headroom with touch-sensitivity to die for. "The new Varsity provides more range and options, and has the muscle to accompany artists on-stage."
The Varsity is a push-pull 15-watt amplifier powered by two EL84 power tubes. This popular tube amplifier is bright and lively, full of color and harmonics. The dual 12AX7s in the preamp provide a classic American tone, the Varsity delivers a sound much bigger than the power rating. The Varsity is also foot-switch compatible, so you can control the negative feedback feature by pedal as well as on/off reverb.

Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Feedback Cut Switch, Standby & Power
Wattage: 15w (Push/Pull)
Speaker Outs: 1/4" Extension out, 1/4" Line out
Speaker: Magnatone 12"
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