Used Mesa Boogie Mark IV Combo

Used Mesa Boogie Mark IV ComboCondition: Near mint, shows little wear. Original footswitch included.

Their compact size, stunning power and ultimate versatility have served legions of proud owners who see the Mark IV™ as the culmination of guitar amp evolution. The fifty thousand, II, III and IVs still in active duty are testament to this heritage.
Three Big Sounds …with individual control and total conviction: Rhythm 1 feels bouncy and shimmers with freshness. The Lead Mode is blistering high-gain focus. And Rhythm 2 covers that elusive middle ground. This mode alone can produce an alternate Clean, a purring Blues or a grinding Crunch.
All this and the elusive magic of Simul-Class™ …our patented way of enriching a power section. Think of it as two different power amps working simul-taneously. One extracts the juice of Class A sweetness while the other delivers the high power punch of Pentode Class AB.

-Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
-85 Watts, Simul-Class™ Power / 4x6L6, 5x12AX7
-Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance
-3 Channels w/Independent Gain & Master Controls (Rhythm I, Rhythm II & Lead)
-Independent Treble & Presence Controls for Rhythm I & II (Bass & Mid combined)
-Fully Independent EQ for Lead Channel (Bass, Mid, Treble & Presence)
-Multi-Stage “Cascading Gain” Lead Channel (Lead Gain + Lead Drive)
-Lead Voicing Switch (Mid Gain/Harmonics)
-Pull Fat (Rhythm II & Lead Channel)
-Pull Bright (Rhythm I & Lead)
-Pull Shift Presence Controls (Rhythm II & Lead)
-Assignable 5 Band Graphic EQ
-Assignable FX Loop
-Slave Out w/Level Control
-Spring Reverb
-Output Level Control (over all channels)
-Full Power/Tweed “Variac” Switch
-Simul-Class/Class A Switch
-Pentode/Triode Switch
-Record Out w/Level Control
-Silent Record Mute Switch (Pull Output Level)
-Fan Cooled
-External Switching Input
-6 Button Footswitch (Rhythm I, Rhythm II, Lead, Lead+EQ, EQ (Graphic) & FX Loop)
-1x12 Black Shadow speaker
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