Used Metropoulos GPM 45 Head

Used Metropoulos Amplification GPM 45 HeadSerial Number: GPM 45043

Condition: Mint, shows little to no wear. Master Volume added. Built by Metropoulos Amplification. New set of Gold Lion tubes just installed.

THE METROPOULOS AMPLIFICATION GPM 45 HEAD accurately re-creates the head version of a 1965 era Marshall JTM 45. The tone is warm and creamy in all the right ways. Fender-y when you want it to be, bluesy when you have to be and authentic 1960's British tones at every turn of a knob. It weeps, it moans and it sings with a vocal voice like no other amp.

-CNC stamped 14g aluminum chassis

-Added Master Volume
-Drake replica transformers
-PEC 2 watt Mil spec pots
-Allen Bradley NOS carbon comp resistors
-SoZo Vintage signal capacitors
-Era correct head cab and aesthetics
-Authentic perforated terminal board
-Mullard reissue 12AX7 preamp tubes
-Gold Lion KT66 and GZ34 tubes
-Vintage correct layout and construction
-38 watts
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