Used Morgan Custom Shop Dual 20 Head

Used Morgan Custom Shop Dual 20 HeadSerial Number: 161515.A
Condition: Mint, shows little to no wear.
The Dual 20 is a dual channel 20 watt amp. The first channel is an all topboost-style full tone stack (treb/mid/bass) with a pull bright on the volume. The second channel is based around the normal channel like my AC20. The Normal channel is also switchable between EF86 and 12AX7 via a switch on the back of the amp. This channel only has a volume control with a pull bright, so you can dial in the tone with the global cut control much like the AC20. Mix and match. The Dual 20 also features power level control.
-Two channels
-Half power switch or power scaling
-Global cut control
-Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
-Hand made hand selected coupling capacitors
-2x EL84
-3x 12AX7
-GZ34 rectified
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