Used Morris Mo-Jo Head

Used Morris Mo-Jo Head
Condition: Mint, shows little to no wear. Footswitch included.

This amp was literally designed and made for Joe Perry. He has toured across the world with it now. As far as I know - there has been no one else commissioned to make a particular amp for him - he has just used models in existence. They told me what was needed - Trace (his tech) and Jack Douglas.

Single channel, no master volume, no effects loop
2- EL34's cathode biased Class A
33/18/8 switchable watts
Volume, Treble, Bass, Mids, Presence. 'Shift' toggle switch.
4,8,16 output impedance. No neg. feedback
Shift switch gives slightly different midrange and top end characteristic. Reminisent of Vox(tm) to Marshall(tm).
This hand wired production model 'loves' 12" greenbacks.
18 and 8 watt settings by nature give a more Marshall(tm) tone.
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