Used Tone King Metropolitan Combo

Used Tone King Metropolitan ComboCondition: Near mint, shows little wear. One or two light tolex scuffs. Footswitch included.

The Metropolitan is an entirely unique design with an entirely unique sound, driven by the warm resonance, midrange chime, and three-dimensional sound of its new speaker and cabinet design, and the enhanced sustain of its ultra-pure signal path. It also includes the breakthrough Phase-4 output power control technology developed by Tone King, which gives you the sound of natural power tube overdrive and distortion at any power level from 0.1W to the full 40W.

Output Power: 0.1W-40W Adjustable

Output Tubes: 6V6GT(x4), Cathode Biased

Preamp Tubes: 12AX7(x4), 12AT7

Footswitch: Has LED Indicators; controls chan sw & reverb

Reverb: Tube-Driven, Full Size 3-Spring Pan

Rectifier Tube: 5AR4

Speaker: 1x12", Custom-Designed
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