Used Top Hat TH A35 Ambassador Combo

Used TopHat TH A35 Ambassador 35 ComboCondition: Mint, shows little wear.

The Ambassador Series features one-channel with one high and one low input. This single channel features the cherished 60's reverb circuit, with a special EQ design (separates the mid from the treble and bass and allows a vast increase in mid range content), a master volume and both dwell and mix controls, for the reverb section. The dwell and mix controls allow the player to control signal sent, as well as signal returned from the reverb circuit. This classic pre-amp, together with the warmth and sweetness of it's output section, produces the sweetest classic tone and the fullest sounding reverb available.

The Ambassador A-35's unique output section features four 6V6 power tubes running in a Classic Class A circuit. This amp will distort more easily than the 50 and 100 watt versions. The Class A overtones provide a "British" type overdrive when pushed hard. This model wants to rock and roll at higher gain settings yet provides enough clean headroom for smaller clubs.

Standard features include:
* Cut (acts as Presence on 50 and 100 watt models)
* Master volume
* Foot switch (for the reverb)
* Impedance selector (4,8 & 16)
* Adjustable line out

2x12" speakers:
-Celestion G12H
-Celestion Vintage 30

New features: TopHat has recently added two switches to the front panel features. The first switch is a regular Bright switch. This accentuates the high frequencies, especially at lower volume control levels. The effect diminishes as the volume control is turned up. The second switch labeled "Clean-Fat", with Fat being the normal mode and the Clean mode providing a lower gain (cleaner) / higher head room, alternative drive arrangement.

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